Breathable, tough, invisble, low slip coating. Provides water, urine, acid and stain resistance.

New Gisbourne Aquatic Centre about to be commissioned. The broom finished concrete around the pools is finished with X300 Surface Sealer, the surface stays dry looking and will not stain from body oils coming off the swimmers.

Aquatic Centres

X200 Densi-Proof™ as Cure and Internal Seal X300 Surface Sealer

These are just some of the projects used by Aquatic Centres for permanent protection against water movement through the concrete. Once X200 Densi-Proof™ is applied water and other contaminates will not penetrate into the capillaries or voids of the sub floor nor will acids and other harmful chemicals. The steel rebar remains permanently in a passive environment, the concrete is stronger and will not be effected by acids or salts.
Surface Sealer™ gives a surface that will make water bead and surface cleaning easier. The architects did not want the body oils and fats contaminating or discolouring the surface.

Melbourne Showgrounds M1 building

The newly completed Multi Purpose M1 venue at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds with X200 Densi-Proof and X300 Surface Sealer A low slip, easy clean, hygienic, low dust, odour free, stain and acid resistant floor.

X200 Densi-Proof™ and X300 Surface Sealer™ not only dust proofs, strengthens and permanently waterproofs to a depth of 200 mm and beyond, but enhances the slip resistance whether the surface is wet or dry. This is very important as one week it’s an animal shelter and the next you could have 2.000 sitting down to a dinner. Protect Crete were called in for a solution to cover this diversely used floor.

Protect Crete was the choice of the clients and working with the Showgrounds builder Multiplex, over a 6 month period, a successful installation and handover was made in time for this years show.

Protect Crete X200 Densi-Proof™ and X300 Surface Sealer™ had been used in the restoration of the 2,000m2 Centenary Hall in an earlier stage of the Showground redevelopment and it’s success helped in being specified for this prestigious 10,000m2 project.

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